Tim's Computer Repair, at-home PC repair service, 724 994 7965

Tim's Computer Repair is your at-home computer repair service in areas north / east / northeast of downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Based in Glenshaw, PA, covering 340 square miles of the local area!

FREE telephone consultation to determine the problems and solutions. That magic word again..... FREE!

Available 7 days a week for house calls to handle the problem. Yes, you can call on the weekends and most holidays!

14 years experience in home PC repair, and 7 years experience in Desktop & Network Support for companies. I have worked with Windows operating systems from 95 to Windows 10.

Fast turnaround time on repairs, full overhauls completed and delivered in 2 days, 3 at the most.

Available services, including but not limited to: Setup of wired and wireless networks for home users and small businesses, printer installation and setup (both wired and wireless), virus removal / repair from PCs.

Data recovery from computers that have virus / malware problems, replace broken laptop screens, and custom built PCs for gaming at minimal cost.

One of my most frequent requests these days is to convert a Windows 8 or 10 computer back to Windows 7, and I have done it many times.

If your PC was forced into an "upgrade" to Windows 10 by Microsoft, I can fix it, save your files, and get it back to 7 or 8 and block 10 from installing again. Windows 10 records your passwords and sends your personal information to Microsoft.
More and more areas are making it difficult for me to put up my yellow signs, which is my primary advertising method. Some areas don't care, but those are areas that I never got many calls from anyhow. So if you know someone who needs PC work, direct them to this site for my contact information. I'll still put up signs around these areas, just outside their borders. Penn Hills is the latest one to not allow signs, and it's a big area that I did a lot of work in.

Call 724 994 7965

Website updated 8/27/18

Lately, I have had more people call me telling me of problems they had with Best Buy Geek Squad, and any Google search will turn up a list of rip offs they try to pull. If you speak to Geek Squad and have any doubts, call me before signing any papers with them. Here's how Geek Squad compares to me:

Tim's Computer Repair compared to Best Buy Geek Squad

I work for myself. They are run by a huge impersonal company.
I answer to no one, except my customers. They have to meet their sales quotas.
I fully explain everything that will be done before work begins. They have you sign a paper and read it later.
I save your data and put it back. They don't save anything (it's in their contract), and they charge extra for it.
I don't play games. They give you a fancy Geek Squad Agent folder to make it sound fancy.
I include commonly used programs and antivirus, standard. They charge extra.
I do all the work personally, at my place or yours. They will ship it away in some cases.
I finish jobs in 2-3 days at most unless parts have to be ordered. They take longer, sometimes weeks.
I have been dealing with home PC problems for over 12 years. They often have a year or less of experience, and only for Best Buy.
I have a long history of referrals and repeat customers, and ex-Geek Squad customers coming to me. They do not.